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•  How many times have you driven by and a giant helium balloon or custom balloons caught your attention? People are attracted to the unusual, the extraordinary. When one sees a 20' advertising blimp in the sky you have to look. You can't not look and then the message has reached you.

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•  We can make for you custom balloons, blimps or inflatables with company name, contact information and any other custom information that you find that would be a great way to promote your company and to became recognizable to your customers.

•  Choose our advertising custom balloons and promote your company and make your customers remember your name, product or service.

•  Custom balloons can really add to your event or promotion.
For the cost of a one day newspaper ad you can own your own custom advertising inflatable or custom balloon that can be used over and over again.
Try it! It really works and it is simple to use. 5-10 minutes to fill up and you're ready to go.


Advertising inflatables

Custom Advertising Balloons   Helium Advertising Blimps   Advertising Inflatables
Custom Advertising Balloons - 6ft. balloons w/o lettering from $189.00. Helium Advertising Blimps from 11ft. to 30ft. 11' blimps from $461.00. Best selling 14ft. blimp w/lettering from $1031.00. Instant Big Event! Advertising Inflatables - Alien balloons to heart inflatables to Zilla Monster advertising inflatables.

•  Need an advertising balloon? Our giant 6' and larger advertising balloons are inexpensive and very effective.

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•  Your helium advertising blimp will work day and night for you! Advertising blimps are usually flown 100 - 150ft. above the ground.

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•  If you are looking for heart balloons or heart inflatables our advertising balloons company have them for sale and rent.

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giant balloon with Suzuki logo    Giant balloon with radio station logo
7ft. Balloon w/logo from $533.00

giant balloon with Greener Tomorrow logo    near photographic quality logos on giant balloons

Advertising Inflatables and Custom Balloons WORK!

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We can help harness this tremendous attractive power for you. Why do our customers continue to use giant advertising balloons on a regular basis? Because they work! AND THEY WILL WORK FOR YOU! Our advertising products are made of the best material available. It has superior helium retention, strength and sheen.

Our promotional products material has an "Ultimate Tensile Strength" of 10,000psi and a "Tear Resistance" of 650pil.What does this mean? If you had a square foot piece of our material you could not tear it apart. This combination is not found in any other commercially available helium inflatable material. For the highest quality at a fair price please give us a call.
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